Wil & Denise

Wil and Max on left with Denise and Titan on right at Leader Dogs for the Blind July 17, 2004.  Max and Titan meet for the first time.

Max & Titan


Hello and welcome to the home pages of Wil and Denise!

We live in St. Petersburg, Florida with our two Leader Dogs, Max and Titan.

To learn more about us you can visit our individual web pages below.

Some of you may remember our infamy from 'Living On The Edge'.  Kick Ass!!!


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Denise's Home Page

Jobina/Denise - Life and Times Blog

Titan and Max - Leader Dog Blog

Living On The Edge Radio Blog

Living On The Edge Blog with Wil and Denise


'24' Season 7 to Start January 11, 2009:

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