Living On The Edge

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    December 24, 2008

    Our 2008 Christmas Letter

    Filed under: Text Posts,The Blog itself — Wil @ 6:36 pm

    Also posted on Bohica and Jobina

    Dear Friends and Family,
    I hope this finds you well. It has been a very challenging time for us since we moved to St. Petersburg, FL. Wil was hired in October, 2006 to relocate here and work for Freedom Scientific, a company that makes a screen reader, JAWS, and other blind and low vision products. I left my job of twenty years with Richmond County DFCS at the end of March 2007 to move the house down here. It took almost a year and Congressman Young’s assistance to get my Social Security disability started; but it finally did. Wil was laid off from his job in May, and thank God, is receiving Unemployment. It is very hard for a blind man to find a job in today’s economy; but he looks every day. We went to Albany, NY to help friends, Kristen and Jeff, while she had and recuperated from reconstructive foot surgery. They have an eight year old and a seventeen month old. We were able to check out the area and were impressed. Going from Florida days of 90 degrees to New York days of 60 degrees was a nice change. Wil has been approved for 55b employment in New York State; but there are no open positions at this time. Wil thinks he will love the cold weather up there; but I don’t think I will like that at all.
    Wil had some digestive problems in New York that got progressively worse. He refused to go to the ER up there as we have no medical insurance. The day after we arrived home, we went to our doctor; and he was sent straight to the hospital as he had lost 23 pounds in September. On October 3rd, his colon perforated and he had emergency surgery (6pm) to totally remove his colon and perform and ileostomy. He remained hospitalized until the 14th. He bled out on the 17th, had to go to the hospital by ambulance, and was released again on the 23rd. A repeat occurred again on October 30th and he was released on November 3rd (for good this time). By God’s grace and much support, love, and prayers from everyone, he survived the whole ordeal. It was a very scary time not knowing if I was going to loose him. He lost from 209 to 160 pounds; but now has gained 21 and will be able to weight train again after the New Year. We have not been able to have children, so I tease him about delivering a baby stoma. Therefore, he named it Jake.
    There has been some good here. We like the St. Petersburg area as it has an excellent bus system. Despite the summer heat, between November and May, it is awesome to have the windows open and be outside. I enjoy swimming for 9 months out of the year. We have everything we need in walking or bus distance. It is tops for blindness independence. I would have to say that the best thing that has happened here is that we introduce Theresa to Wil’s previous co-worker, John; and they married on November 28th. It is nice having her living here.
    Titan and Max (Golden Retriever Leader Dogs) are doing great!! They are happy as long as they are with us. Max missed Wil badly while he was in the hospital. Wil was so sick that Max only got to visit a couple of times. This is the only time I have ever known Max to act out by pooping on the carpet (always after he heard his daddy’s voice over the phone). Poor boy! He couldn’t find him. Both boys worked very little during the whole ordeal; but neither forgot how to work. Titan turned 8 this year and Max will turn 6 later this month. The time sure does fly!
    We wish you all the best this Christmas and a great New Year to come.
    Denise, Wil, Titan, & Max

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    September 17, 2007

    The blog is coming along

    Filed under: The Blog itself — Wil @ 9:46 pm

    Hi all

    I have been working on the blog today and have made a few new changes.

    1.  Now you can subscribe to a list to notify you of new posts to the blog.  if you register, the choice is already set up for you to do this.  if you do not want this, you can still subscribe to our RSS feed.

    2.  I have also set up comments and whether to subscribe to them or not.  The way this works is if someone adds to a comment, it will be e-mailed to you.  Even if you do not make a comment, you can still subscribe to that comment string from that post only.  If you want all comments subscribed to, you’ll have to setttle for RSS.

    Those entries from Alaska are coming, I promise!  I just need to edit some of them to shorten them.  I don’t think you want to listen to silence.  We will also have some pictures from Alaska coming.

    More later!  

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    September 10, 2007

    a couple things

    Filed under: The Blog itself — Wil @ 11:06 am

    In case you’re wondering if we’re still here, the answer is yes. A couple things to bring you up to speed on.

    First, Denise and I took a trip to Alaska. We plan to bring you audio and pictures from that trip. Stay tuned to the blog and be sure to add us to your RSS feeds. The RSS link from the main page will set you up in Internet Explorer 7 and other RSS readers.

    Second, we switched companies where is hosted. You will notice the slower speeds transferring, but that is a moot point. Here at Blue Host, we get 300 GB of disk space and 3,000 GB of data transfer. This means we’ll be able to give you more material than we had at our other provider. What it also boils down to is we are getting more storage and bandwidth for less money. I have had a domain here for the last year, and am pleased with the support Blue Host offers. Stay tuned for much more to come! Also, if you sign up with them, be sure to mention us.

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    July 17, 2006

    Removal of BITS Material

    Filed under: The Blog itself — Wil @ 1:16 pm

    I just got off the phone with Earlene Hughes. We spoke for around ten minutes. I understand where she is coming from, and we parted on good terms. if you want the sessions from BITS, visit the BITS site. As of right now, there is nothing posted, but will be posted soon. With deep regret, I am removing the BITS sessions from the blog. I don’t really want to, but with respect to BITS and at the request of Earlene, I am doing so.

    In august, the Board is going to draft up a policy regarding recording BITS sessions. We’ll see what becomes of that.

    As of now, September 8, 2007, there has been no change in BITS policy in recording material.  I have checked on the site and saw recordings posted from this past year’s convention.  So be it.  I have not joined up with BITS and have not been asked to do so after my membership ran out.  Typical bullshit politics rule the roost over there.

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    July 15, 2006

    A load of entries coming soon!

    Filed under: Text Posts,The Blog itself — Wil @ 9:16 am

    Denise and I got back home around 3:15 PM yesterday. We have a lot of entries to upload, so stay tuned! We’ve been busy the pastt few days with convention stuff, but now that we’re home, I’ll have more time to upload some audio from the convention. Thanks for listening, and also, thanks for the comments some of you left.

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    June 30, 2006

    Our RSS Feed

    Filed under: Text Posts,The Blog itself — Wil @ 8:09 am

    for those of you who do not have the RSS link, (the one here is broken), I just added it to the Living On the Edge links. When you click this link, you’ll get the RSS feed. Just copy that to your RSS Reader/Podcatcher, and you’ll be instantly updated.

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    June 8, 2006

    Living On The Edge Audio

    Filed under: Text Posts,The Blog itself — Wil @ 8:34 am

    Coming soon will be audio clips recoded for the blog. Stay tuned to this page for more information on this. Denise and i have some exciting audio, (no not sex you perverts!), so keep our page in your podcatchers. It’s been a while for posts, but we’re coming back.

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    January 16, 2006

    Annonymous Comments

    Filed under: Text Posts,The Blog itself — Wil @ 5:12 pm

    The posting of annonymous comments are back on. I’ve upgraded the blog to 2.0, and there is a new plugin that checks the comments against a list of spam phrases or words. Life *should* be easier now.

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    LOTE Goes Blogging!

    Filed under: Text Posts,The Blog itself — Wil @ 2:45 pm

    Denise and I have decided to make Living On The Edge a blog instead of a radio show. Why is this? Read on!

    For five plus years, we have done an internet radio show at six stations. Something happened where we moved on to another station. We may or may not go into the reasoning behind the moves: We haven’t decided yet. As far as we’re concerned, we both done with internet radio, due to the legalities and, basically, the bullshit we’ve been through with stations we’ve been with. We are wanting to go to blogging, and eventually, podcasting here on this page. If we play music, we play music. if we just write stuff in here, we just write stuff in here. It all depends on the mood and the current happenings.

    For the comments of the blog, we have disabled the annonymous feature of the comments because of spam. When I had annonymous comments on, I got a shitload of spam comments with people inserting URL’s of their sites that offered fixes for impotentancy, stuff to make your dick grow four inches longer, and other typical spam. If you want to leave a comment, you can, but you’ll have to register.

    Be sure to add our feed to your RSS reader and podcatcher. It is

    You can see the podcasts we’ve put up so far. They are not going anywhere, so download away!

    There is more coming soon!

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