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    December 24, 2005

    A New Poll

    Filed under: Show Posts,Text Posts — Wil @ 1:30 pm

    A poll is currently available on our home page. Go vote on it. It is for the future of the show.

    to provide a little background on the question, the stance of the RIAA in regards to the way Internet broadcasts are supposed to be licensed, is impacting the show. Let’s say you get audited by the powers that be. They want proof you own this CD you get the tracks from. Yes, we may or may not own them, but the point is we feel it is an unnecessary hassle. Both Denise and I work full time jobs. We don’t have time to collectively get al our CD’s together to see what we own and do not own for airplay. I can name you three stations that are not licensed. If those guys are audited, the owner/broadcasters could face fines and have their computer confiscated upon lack of proof of licensing, let alone owning the recordings they play.

    The stations that aren’t licensed isn’t important. What is important is Real Variety Radio is licensed, and whether you, the listener, want the show to become all talk. if you do, it stays on the air pfizer viagra 100mg. If you don’t, the show will have to look at different ways of providing music and staying on the air. the poll will be up for a couple months for voting.

    We could go a couple ways with this.

    1. We could set up a Pay Pal account with an e-mail address for donations and put that on our page.

    2. We could go with an independent musical format and mix that with talk.

    What are your comments? Leave them here if you wish to expand on this. Also, go take the poll.

    Merry Christmas from Denise and me! No, we love Christmas and don’t want to see it censored. Fucking politically correctness bullshit, anyway!

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