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    September 23, 2007

    the ACB Public Relations chair Responds

    Filed under: Text Posts — Wil @ 12:30 pm

    In Denise’s post about Paul Harvey and ACB, she made some good points about this issue. Now, Dr. Ronald E. Milliman responds on an ACB public forum, ACB-L. He says:

    Re: I have now listened to the ad in question…

    Wil, thank you very, very much for this URL with the link that plays the ad.

    I have now listened to the ad several times, and I find it absolutely disgusting, and blatantly false and grossly misleading.

    The Ad refers to a 79-year old fellow who was told that he was going blind.
    It is implied that he is going blind do to Macular Degeneration, but it does not actually state that directly. The ad continues by stating that “his income would have ceased; his driving would have stopped; no reading; no television. He’s 79; someone would have to take care of him.”

    Colleagues, at 79, it is very unlikely that he was working at any kind of regular job. Thus, why should his income cease? They certainly don’t cut off one’s social security or retirement benefits just because one becomes blind!! At age 79, it is questionable whether he belonged on the highways driving, but admittedly, there are many 79-year old people who are still driving. However, why should he stop watching TV? I know lots and lots of totally blind people who watch TV, in their own way, by listening to it, like I do and like many of you. Furthermore, I don’t know anyone with Macular Degeneration who doesn’t have some pretty useable eyesight.
    Regardless, as for reading, all of us read books, magazines, newspapers, etc. Being blind does not stop anyone from reading. Admittedly, we don’t necessarily read with our eyes like sighted people do, but that certainly
    doesn’t stop any of us.

    The ad is clearly unethical at best and grossly misleading and blatantly false at worse, and yes, it is, indeed, very offensive.

    This product, if it is all that great, could certainly be marketed very effectively without the misleading scare tactics this firm engages in as its way of selling its products.

    Ron M.

    I say:

    Offensive to who? I think at last check, there was quite a lot of oppisition to the fact that ACB was going “to do something” about it. I am not offended. Denise is not offended. yes, the ad may be questionable in the way it went for the jugular of the bleeding hearts of elderly people, but you know what they say about marketing. Sex sells. Churches find this offensive. Richard Simmons advertised for WeightWatchers in a way that made fat people want to get their asses in to the nearest WeigghtWattcher center and shed those ugly pounds. Did the Fat Asses of America say anything? No, because there is no such thing, plus the shock value worked.

    On the other points that Ron makes, he is right. blind people do watch TV in their own way. We use our ears to pick up on what’s going on. The fact the man is 79 years old leads me to think he is enjoying retirement and collecting his SSI. The ad made it look like he was a 49-year-old working a full schedule and supporting a family. Driving most likely was out of the question, anyway.

    I would like to touch on the point of a statement in the ad, “Someone would have to take care of him.” Doesn’t most elderly people need someone to check up on them, to make sure they do not need anything? My parents are elderly, and they have a friend check up on them. This friend’s husband also takes care of their yard. My mom is 69 and my dad is 81, or will be in Octtober. Their eyesight is gradually going, so they aren’t able to see as they did before. Also, there are elderly people who do not need anyone to take care of them. the fact is some do, some don’t. That’s all that ad was going for, to shock the ones who were still living an independent life to get this vitamin before it’s too late.

    Speaking of which, Denise went to look up the price for 100 capsules. the instructions said to take four capsules a day. For $40.93, you could get 100 capsules.

    All that is minor in comparison of the fact that this ad was aimed to shock, nothing more, nothing less.

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    September 22, 2007

    Paul Harvey Pisses Off Blinks

    Filed under: Text Posts — Denise @ 10:04 pm

    Paul Harvey’s Occular Nutrition Ad  Wil tells me that there has been much bitching and griping on one of his many mailing lists regarding this ad from Paul Harvey’s Wednesday newscast.  Mr. Harvey shares in the ad that he received a letter from a  frightened Dallas man, Marvin North, who was apparently told that he was going blind.  Wil tells me that the blinks feel that the media has painted blindness in a negative light with emphasis on lack of independence and a sense of total helplessness.  I have listened to this ad and am going to throw out my two cents worth.  The marketing pros have it right on the money with this ad as we DO live in a sighted world; and the eyes convey approximately 85 percent of one’s sensory perception to the brain.  It is no surprise that loss of any degree of vision and worse, going totally blind, is feared as much or maybe even more than public speaking and death.  To a fully sighted person, life would most definitely turn upside down, especially for the elderly who are very set in their ways and may not have a strong support system to lean on in such a drastic life change.  I agree with the ad in the fact that it fucking sucked to loose my drivers license at age 32; to not be able to SEE the TV screen any more; and to not be able to cuddle up in a nice warm corner for hours with a printed paperback book.  The shock value used to get people to think about buying this product is definitely there.  Think about all advertising ploys and notice how they all promise some sort of super miracle benefit for whatever they are trying to sell.  So what, Paul Harvey is endorsing a multivitamin that emphasizes eye health.  The poor frightened man is taking it in hopes that he won’t go BLIND.  Well, if it takes scaring old people into swallowing a good multi vitamin by making them fear blindness, so be it.  As far as not being seen as self sufficient or helpless, fuck it!!!  There are plenty of blind people out there who perpetuate the old negativities by acting in ways portrayed in the ad that pissed so many of you blinks off.  Get off your asses cheap levitra!!!  I can’t tell you how many blind people I saw at national bowling tournaments and conventions who acted totally helpless and dependent.  The best advocacy for blindness is in living a good, full, and independent life regardless of what anyone else in the world thinks.  Advocacy means encouraging those in the blind community to act and live independently in this ever changing sighted world.  I still miss driving after almost fourteen years; but I sure haven’t laid back to  let life pass me by in any way.  When Paul Harvey talks, people listen; but the original line was – when E. F. Hutton speaks, people listen.  I will continue to listen to Paul Harvey as I have done since my childhood.  Feel free to check him out at  Feel free also to refer anyone to the Hi Health web site,, to check out their goods.  If you have an issue with what this ad portrays regarding blindness, look in your own back yard and that of the blindness community.  The media has a basis for this perspective.  Love you, Paul Harvey!!!  Keep it up!!!

    Feel free to comment.  My opinion is mine and is linked to no one else.

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    ACB confronting Paul Harvey

    Filed under: Text Posts — Wil @ 3:26 pm

    Well, it looks like ACB is duplicating the efforts of NFB and the Mr.. Magoo’ movie. Recently, Paul Harvey read an ad from a multi-vitamin producer. I don’t have the exact name or text of the ad, but suffice it to say, a bunch of blinks are pissed off because the ad made it look like it is the end of the world for blind people. I beg to differ. It’s an ad for Christ’s sake, nothing more. it is not a slam of blind people. if you want to take it that way, fine. it looks like ACB is taking it the same way. Below is a message from the president of ACB.

    Start of message:

    With all respect to those who believe this is a minor matter: If the American Council of the Blind has, as one of our goals promoting the equality of blind and visually impaired persons, then adds such as this must be confronted. Stereotypes of any group cannot be allowed to pass unchallenged and I have asked our Public Relations Chair, Ron Milliman to look into the matter. If we do not respond to such nonsense, what’s the point of advocating on behalf of blind persons. As someone who spent over 20 years conducting disability-awareness training, I can assure you that the media plays a prime role in shaping public opinion. Mr.. Harvey is still one of the most influential commentators on the air today and to paraphrase an old ad, “when Paul Harvey talks, people listen.” If a commercial such as this spouted stereotypes about African Americans, women, whoever, those groups would be up in arms in a heartbeat. ACB will take steps to deal with this and either Ron or myself will keep you informed.
    Mitch Pomerantz, President
    American Council of the Blind

    End of Message

    You thought the Braille money issue was bad, it ain’t shit compared to this.

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    September 21, 2007

    Oh Shit… Denise’s View – Anchorage Flight Adventure

    Filed under: Text Posts — Denise @ 1:09 am

    It’s my turn!!!!  I have a couple of pictures to share from the first step of our delayed horneymoon, I mean honeymoon cruise.  On the flight from Tampa, I mentioned that I took a picture with my camera phone from the plane’s throne.  For you blinks, it shows my face with the phone up to my eyeball for the taking of the picture of the head’s mirror.  The tightness of that tiny space is obvious as the curvature of the bulkhead can be seen; and if I wanted to I could have opened the door easily without moving.  There would have been no way for Wil and I to have fucked in that tiny space; therefore we did not become members ofSitting on the Delta Throne the mile-highclub.   The flight from Atlanta to Salt Lake City was a bit turbulent; and of course that occurred as I sat atop the Delta L1011 head.  The pilot announced that it would last for about ten minutes and suggested that everyone stay put wherever they were.  I chose not to partake of the throne for any longer than necessary.  It turns out that our drinking buddy from the Atlanta airport bar was sitting in the row nearest the throne.  He bestowed me with the nickname, Child Molester, relating to mine and Wil’s age difference.  The sun was setting as we approached Salt Lake City and Murray pointed out the Great Salt Lake to me.  I could see enough contrast to see the reflection of light from the water’s surface.  The sunset was breath-taking; but I was not able to get a picture as we were in the process of the landing.  Murray was a God-send; and a dog lover.  He was very kind in helping us between flights; but that day sure was long.

    By the time we arrived in Anchorage, it had been 13 hours since Titan and Max had a chance to relieve (park).  We made a B-line for the bushes outside of baggage claim before we even dealt with finding our luggage by way of the stuffed polar bear.  I am attaching a picture of Wil next to the encased stuffed bear, again taken with my T-Mobile Dash.   We left a portable doggie water bowl in the flowers outside  (I lost Titan’s in my haste to unhook his leash to park him.)Polar Bear Towers Over Wil

     The polar bear is impressive rearing on his hind legs with his mouth open like a hungry lion.  He looks off-white in the lighting of the airport.  I sure as hell wouldn’t want to meet anything like that in a dark alley!!  Max and Titan didn’t even seem to take notice of it.

     The Anchorage air felt soooo good!!!  The temperature was in the 50’s with very little humidity.  The moon was also full dapoxetine 30mg.  The boys really reacted to the cooler air.  They were full of piss and vinegar!!!  When we got into the hotel room they turned into wild children.  It would have been OK; but Titan is so vocal, wooing and barking at Max.  The room was big enough that they were able to run like little bullets.  This room was NICE!!!  It had two queen beds, a nice size bathroom, and a little kitchenette with a small dining table.  The room had three sets of windows that we could open to enjoy the fresh air as it was a corner unit.  It sure was nice to get away from the Florida 100 degree plus heat index.  I am including a picture of Max and Titan playing bite the snout on the bed.  The Nikon really catches the impy look on dog’s faces.  They had alot of  pent up energy from the Biting Snout in Anchorage day’s travel.  The food from Soprano’s was good.  Of course Wil ordered hot wings, how predictable.  I had a ham and cheese sandwich that was made with pizza dough instead of bread.  We really didn’t sleep a full night’s sleep, we took a nap.  Our bodies were still on Eastern time, so 2:30am was really 6:30am to us (which means we had been up all night).  We were awake by 5:30am Alaska time as I was excited about the extra daylight at sunrise (and my body said it was really 9:30am).  The sun was rising from the east while the full moon was still big and bright in the west.  It was awesome!!  We had a bifg breakfast in the hotel restaurant before joining our group for the cruise.  There was a couple from Germany in the restaurant; and the husband was asking for beer (in German) at 8:30am.  The waitress answered in English that it was too early for beer.  I got a chuckle out of that, after all it’s always five o’clock some where.  There will be more on our adventure later.  I am including pictures for those who can see them; but I will also give a good description for those who need it.  Until then, take care everybody!!!

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    Well, Denise is at it again!!!

    Filed under: Text Posts — Wil @ 12:19 am

    Denise is currently posting an entry on the blog. For you blinks, she has you covered. She is describing what the pictures are. Stay tuned!

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    September 19, 2007

    Oh shit, We Missed Our Plane!

    Filed under: Podcasts — Wil @ 11:08 pm

    Well, it was an eventful journey. In this podcast, Denise and I go over what happened with our flight.

    We promised to give more details for the final legs of the trip, but that didn’t happen. let’s fill you in.

    On our flight to SLC, (also known as Salt Lake City, Utah), there was one hell of a nice guy named Murray who was our row buddy. It was three seats to a row, and the flight was full. Denise and I had our dogs with us, so it was a bit cramped for the poor fellows, but they made it through. We were talking and shooting the shit. When we landed in Salt Lake, Murray guarded the row because Denise and I had twenty minutes to make the plane to Anchorage. Murray also made sure a cart was there for us. We thanked him for his assistance. This was just a normal guy who was a photographerer who lived in Salt Lake.

    We took off for Anchorage a few minutes late because the pilot didn’t want to leave anyone else behind. He said it was because the next plane for Anchorage was leaving at 11:00 AM the next day. Denuise and I were finally bound for Alaska at 7:10 PM Alaska time or 9:10 PM Mountain time. We spent the next four and a half hours in the air and landed at 11:40 PM Alaska time.

    We got our bags, which were waiting for us in the baggage claim area in holding. Denise also got some pictures of a stuffed Polar bear Murray told us about. this thing was at least fifteen feet high, and I’m not sure how round it was. I’m sure she’ll be posting them. if you don’t see them, contact her on our contact form on our home page. We were picked up by our hotel shuttle around 12:35 AM and got settled in the hotel a little after 1 AM. We then ordered food from Soprano’s.

    After eating and settling in, we finally turned in around 2:30.

    We will have more entries coming soon.

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    September 17, 2007

    The blog is coming along

    Filed under: The Blog itself — Wil @ 9:46 pm

    Hi all

    I have been working on the blog today and have made a few new changes.

    1.  Now you can subscribe to a list to notify you of new posts to the blog.  if you register, the choice is already set up for you to do this.  if you do not want this, you can still subscribe to our RSS feed.

    2.  I have also set up comments and whether to subscribe to them or not.  The way this works is if someone adds to a comment, it will be e-mailed to you.  Even if you do not make a comment, you can still subscribe to that comment string from that post only.  If you want all comments subscribed to, you’ll have to setttle for RSS.

    Those entries from Alaska are coming, I promise!  I just need to edit some of them to shorten them.  I don’t think you want to listen to silence.  We will also have some pictures from Alaska coming.

    More later!  

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    September 10, 2007

    a couple things

    Filed under: The Blog itself — Wil @ 11:06 am

    In case you’re wondering if we’re still here, the answer is yes. A couple things to bring you up to speed on.

    First, Denise and I took a trip to Alaska. We plan to bring you audio and pictures from that trip. Stay tuned to the blog and be sure to add us to your RSS feeds. The RSS link from the main page will set you up in Internet Explorer 7 and other RSS readers.

    Second, we switched companies where is hosted. You will notice the slower speeds transferring, but that is a moot point. Here at Blue Host, we get 300 GB of disk space and 3,000 GB of data transfer. This means we’ll be able to give you more material than we had at our other provider. What it also boils down to is we are getting more storage and bandwidth for less money. I have had a domain here for the last year, and am pleased with the support Blue Host offers. Stay tuned for much more to come! Also, if you sign up with them, be sure to mention us.

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