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    May 22, 2008

    Denise’s Take on My Situation

    Filed under: Show Posts — Wil @ 12:13 am

    Here is Denise’s take on the situation.

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    May 4, 2008

    The ’24’ Drinking Game – Accessible Format

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    Wil and I first learned of the ’24’ drinking game on our favorite Augusta radio station, WCHZ – 95 Rock.  DJ’s Jordan Zeh and Michelle Mitchell talked about it on their show following the airing of the previous night’s episode.  Wil went perusing the web and found the rules for the ‘real’ ’24’ drinking game at  Wil and I believe that there are many ’24’ fans in the blink community.  As a token of our sense of community mindedness, we have adapted the ’24’ drinking game so that blinks and squints alike can enjoy its full benefits – getting totally shit faced in sixty minutes.  By the end of each episode most players probably can’t tell you when the fuck it all took place.

    Rules for Blind ’24’ Drinking Game:  We stick mostly to the one swallow/drink per incident in order to refrain from puking on our shoes or shitting down our legs before the end of the episode.  If you take huge gulping swallows like Wil, you only get one per incident.  If you take small gulps like me, you get two.  You will find that one huge and two smalls will have the beers empty at the same time.

    Take a drink in response to hearing the following words and phrases:  Now, Jack Bauer, terrorist, damn it, son of a bitch, do you understand me, let me see your hands, Jack says please, and a catastrophic event is alluded to (ie.- hundreds of people could die, multitude of lives are at stake, etc…)

    Take a drink whenever there is a split screen.  There is an audible cue for each time a split screen appears or changes to another split screen.  This audible cue makes this program feature especially accessible for the blind.  It’s as if the ’24’ creators had us in mind when producing the program.

    Take a drink when Jack Bauer defies orders from anyone; kills anyone (if you can tell that he really is the killer); and threatens to or actually does inflict bodily harm on anyone (my favorites being threatening to cut out the eyes of Walt Cummings and putting the plastic bag over Graham’s head) .  

    Two drink/swallow Exceptions:  A referece is made to Terri (Bauer’s dead wife) and David Palmer’s assassination; when a main character dies; when a supporting character from a previous season shows up (ie. – Nina, Charles Logan, Audrey Raines); when CTU goes into lock down status; and when the main villain changes.

    At least in the blink community, we don’t ever have to worry about drinking and driving.  As for you sighted light slaves, give up the car keys and pass out on the floor after the show.  Enjoy!!!

    Enjoy the audio in this file from a drinking game we did recently.

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